Dr Chloé Tran

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I want to help couples to achieve their dream of building a family.

Dr Chloé

Dr. Chloé Tran graduated from Paris V Rene Descartes University in France, specializing in infertility management, gynecological and pelvic treatment. She has extensive experience in pelvic ultrasound and surgery for infertility such as Hysteroscopy (HSC) and especially endometriosis management.

For 13 years, Dr. Tran was a physician in Human Reproduction and Gynecologic Endocrinology at the recognized Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) center Hospital FOCH in Paris, France. In 2022, Dr. Tran joined FCC to assist parents from different parts of the world in realizing their parenting dreams. In line with FCC’s vision, she is committed to providing high standards of quality infertility treatment and experience to all her patients.

How you are motivated to become a fertility doctor?

I want to help couples to achieve their dream of building a family. I like the whole comprehensive care of couples from consultation, fertility check up with ultrasound, surgery, up until the delivery.

What is your proudest achievement so far?

I am so happy when a couple informs me that they are expecting a baby. I feel proud and emotional when we receive positive pregnancy results and hear the first heartbeat of the embryo for the first time during ultrasound. Every time this happens, it is definitely a wonderful feeling of success and pride for me.


  • Spending time with family and travelling

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